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Drury Lane Theatrical Fund was set up almost two and a half centuries ago, in 1766, by the Great Actor Manager David Garrick to provide Annuities for Actors, Singers, Dancers and Stage Managers working at Theatre Royal Drury Lane. Those eligible to become Subscribers pay an annual subscription for a number of years and on retirement are able to receive an Annuity and other benefits.


Theatre Royal Drury Lane has a rich history in the annals of the theatre but the life of an actor continues to be precarious and the Fund is as relevant today as it was in Georgian or Victorian times. As well as giving Annuities to Subscribing Members, the Fund is able to make small discretionary grants to non members in need who have a link to Theatre Royal Drury Lane. 

The Fund has 13 Directors who are all Members.


The present Master of the Fund is Mr Nick Bromley, only the 16th Master in over two centuries.


The Secretary is currently Mrs Miranda Fellows.   The Treasurer Mr Michael Lessiter

Here you will be able to find out about the History of our Fund and some of the interesting actors and actresses who have been involved with it during the last two centuries. There is also a page about Robert Baddeley and his Twelfth Night Cake, probably the oldest theatrical ceremony in existence.


You can also browse through our unique Greeting Cards which we sell to help with the charitable work that we continue to do, as envisaged by David Garrick in 1766.

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